Suggested Readings

Melvin L. Bashore, Susan L. Fales, Fred R. Gowans, and Michael N. Landon

“Trails of Hope” readers will hopefully want to capture the depth and breadth of the trails experience beyond what is possible in any one publication. If you are a reader new to the trail, this “Suggested Readings” can begin a rich discovery process.  Along with the diaries in this collection, the list of readings will provide context for the journeys on the Mormon, California, Oregon, and Montana trails.

 The issues explored by the diarists represented in “Trails of Hope,” and by the authors of these selected readings, are as varied as the writer’s own experiences and interests.  Trail enthusiasts can debate endlessly, over campfires and wood stoves, questions regarding: the number of overlanders on the various trails; disease, sickness and death and which trail or time period revealed more intensity of disease or death; Native American interactions and which Indian tribes presented the most difficulties for the overlanders and which trail disrupted the Native American existence the most.  These same trail enthusiasts may also be interested in an examination of changes in the trail experience over time, the physical trail and its demands on the traveler, and social role changes, especially among women and children.

For those readers who are looking for additional diaries, a review of the “Sources, Bibliographies and Guides” section of this bibliography will lead them to repositories holding original diaries or to printed diaries and journals.  Additional diaries and journals may be found by contacting specific libraries or going to the online catalogs of major repositories of these diaries and journals such as Yale University, Princeton University, The Bancroft Library at the University of California-Berkeley, The Huntington Library, the Church Archives of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and other libraries with strong western Americana manuscript collections

The Context:  The American Westward Movement

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Sources, Bibliographies, and Guides to Overland Trail Diaries, Reminiscences and Repositories

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Mormon Trail

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