How to Search

How do I search for a word in all collections? (Simple Keyword Search)

  • Enter search term(s) in the "Search All" box
  • Click search

How do I search all the diaries, all the bibliographies, etc.? (Keyword Search by Format)

  • Enter search term(s) in search box for desired format
  • Click search

How do I search multiple terms? (Advanced Searching)

  • Click on "Advanced Search"
  • Enter search terms in box
  • Choose field to search using drop down box on right

Advanced Search Example:

For example, you can search for all instances of diary pages that deal with the Topic "Women" in the location "Fort Kearny (Neb.)" in the diary whose author is "Bliss, Orley Dwight".

  • Choose "Topic," type "women"
  • Choose "Location," type "Fort Kearny (Neb.)"
  • Choose "Author," type "Bliss, Orley Dwight"
  • Click search

NOTE: Place quotation marks (") around phrases

Understanding the Text and Image Collection and the CONTENTdm interface

In CONTENTdm, the diary volumes are stored as "compound" documents, meaning that each volume is a series of page images with accompanying descriptive information and text.

The first page of the volume displays as the full page image and has a list of all the pages shown in the left edge of the browser window. Clicking on any page will take you to that page. Blank pages were generally not scanned so there can be apparent gaps in the page numbering.

At the bottom of the window of the page image, there are two links:

  • "Show page description" which displays descriptive information associated with the text page and
  • "Show image and page text side by side" opens a new window with the transcription of the text on the right next to the page image, for comparison of the original with the transcription.